You gained the skills, have a great personality, feeling confident ! are you ready to become a ‘YOUTUBER’ ?

This is a fun innovative workshop that integrates all of the components that you need to become a successful Youtuber and build a huge following !

It is not only enough to have the skills, or a great personality that people find fun and easy to engage in. You have to successfully put together these skills with the ability to explain, engage and transfer skills & fascinating facts across to your audience.

Most people have one or two of the important skills – but do they have the Big 4 skills to put it all together !

This short course is a three week intensive, and takes you through the 4 stages of building each video that you upload.


* It is highly recommended that you have a makeup application skill level of a high standard. We recommend that you complete the Advanced Makeup short course, so that your skills and ability will transform naturally onto your videos. This workshop relies on that skill, and focuses more on your ‘on-camera’ techniques, delivery & technical ability to put your video concepts together to become a Youtuber. Please don’t hesitate to email us, and we will call you back for a quick chat !









Practice makes perfect !


Create a space that works on film


Walk the Walk & Talk the Talk !


Create your own identity


Great lighting


Setup with your camera. ( it is recommended that you have a good digital camera that is capable of Video | Please bring this with you ) You will practice and film in studio condition and learn about great lighting.


Filming ‘LIVE’ ! – speaking confidently and relaying the correct information


Learning the basics of Video editing ( use our computers & software in the training room | you may bring your own laptop )


Business side of you tubing !





DATE :  TBA ( Please email interest | give details so we can contact you for upcoming workshops )




TIMES :  9.30 am to 2.30 pm


DAYS: Saturday  or  Sunday


DELIVERY : Work shop is delivered by industry professionalS both in Makeup and Film


PRICE : $400  


Course must be fully paid for prior to start date

No refunds unless course is cancelled




FASHIONISTA  (Article ) 


One of the fastest-growing and, to me, most fascinating segments of the online entrepreneurial world is beauty vlogging. Makeup tutorials are among the most-viewed videos on YouTube (Fashionista‘s own post on the best ones out there is consistently one of our top-read stories). And the people who make them — most of whom are under the age of 25, and often under 18 — have parlayed their success into lucrative careers.


Michelle Phan, a pioneer in the beauty vlogging world, even recently popped up in her own Dr. Pepper commercial. Despite this type of mainstream recognition, Phan tells us that, when she first started doing makeup tutorials as a hobby in college, she never thought it would lead to a full-fledged career. But her success has spawned a new generation of talent that is rapidly catching up to Phan’s subscriber and page view numbers (though Phan, an undeniable talent when it comes to cosmetics, is still enormously popular).


Take Bethany Mota, a.k.a. Macbarbie07, who got into the game at the young age of 13 (she is now 18). She stumbled upon YouTube’s beauty community and was instantly hooked. “I thought, ‘I finally have something to make videos about!'” she says. “So I created an account and a couple of weeks later, uploaded my very first video.” Well, with a little help from her mom. “I remember begging her to buy me a few items from M.A.C,” Mota recalls. “She finally gave in, and when they arrived in the mail, I couldn’t stop trying them all on. So I decided to film a haul video.”


One of the keys to YouTube success is consistency, and building a community through frequent video uploads. Both Phan and Mota say they decide on their next topic based on requests from viewers, rather than what types of clips tend to get the most clicks. That way, the fans are getting what they want. At the same time, it’s hard to ignore the fact that certain types of content do better than others. For Phan, that means a focus on timely events, like Halloween, or videos that feature her boyfriend. Mota’s viewers also like to get personal, gravitating towards cilps that document her “routines,” as well as room tours. We also chatted with Ingrid Nilsen, a.k.a. MissGlamorazzi, whose subscribers are fans of “Get Ready with Me,” another routine video. Overall, the aesthetic quality of the video itself doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with its success; rather, it’s the subject matter that draws people in. “I don’t want people to think they need a perfect amazing-lighting video,” says Phan. “If it’s authentic and has a great message, people will watch.”


It may seem easy, but when there are hundreds of these “gurus” out there — with more popping up every day — attracted to what appears to be such a cushy and fun career, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out. When asked to identify the secrets of their success, none of the vloggers revealed anything all that shocking about their pursuit of subscribers and video views. Rather, everyone we spoke with had the same message: If you want to stand out in the constantly growing field (a search for “beauty” on the platform yields over one million channels), be original. “I think having a unique personality and not trying to be anyone else is crucial,” explains Nilsen. “If you aren’t original, people are less likely to be interested in what it is that you are saying.”


Mota explains her strategy thusly: “I’m always looking for ways that I can improve what I do based on what I have done in the past. I think this is a good mindset to have because it allows my content to get better with time. I don’t really focus on trying to stand out. I think that as long as you be yourself, that will happen naturally.”


Phan, too, stresses the importance of staying true to who you are. “I would never want a girl to be the next Michelle Phan,” she says. “I don’t look at what other people are doing. Everyone has their own voice, their own mark. My style has always been the same: simple, clean, professional videos. Maybe thats why it resonates. They’re easy to learn, anyone can do it.”



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