MAKEUP 101 – is for everyone interested in studying makeup. It doesn’t matter if you have been wearing makeup for a while, or just learning the new skills, or just refreshing the old ones or just need to get great at it – this is the course for you !

You start right at the very beginning and learn the correct methods of applying makeup. You get a brief run down on skin types, colours and the all important part of looking after your skin – so you can wear makeup in the first place.

The 101 basics are important for absolutely everyone. Skin care, cleansing, identifying contra-indications and a lot more, act as the vital basic building blocks to a great industry.

Learning to apply makeup correctly, in the correct amounts, and to develop blending and application skills that create better makeup is all an important part of the 101 experience.

Our trainers are fully trained and qualified makeup artist with years of experience in their professional fields. they understand the importance of good quality training and delivery to a potential student. Our trainers understand the balance of having a great time and enjoying what you love, balanced well with content, demonstration and practice to better your skills.

Drop in on weekends, check out the training room and chat to someone about joining 101.


It is important that you do this course before proceeding onto the Advanced course.


Next Course starts

28th October 2017

Dates : | 14th | 21st | 28th | & 4th Nov

Book early | small classes


Skin care

Skin colour | Foundation selection

Face shapes | Eye shape | Lip shape – theory

Colour theory basics

Face Charts & Planning the makeup

Understanding your brushes and their uses

Foundation application


Eye shadows


Final finish



TIME :    4 Days  


DAY :     Saturdays x 4


TIME :   9.30 am to 2.30pm


LOCATION :  Creative Hub  |  
Building ONE  
[ next to the Main Gates  –
Carrara  Markets ]


CERTIFICATE : On completion


PRICE : $400

[ 50% to book your position and 50% after the first week ]

No refunds


BOOKING : Please email your interest | Booking to us ! and we will call you to confirm

It is important that you attend all 4 days of the course.

The training plan has been organised in a very specific delivery sequence, with your skill building up to a well rounded education in makeup 101. Catch up days cannot be organised, and you are not able to transfer into another course after you have started.

You cannot receive a Certificate if you have not completed the entire course.


Models : you may be required to bring in a model for some final classes.


Please read the following requirements very carefully


EQUIPMENT : The makeup and basic brushes are provided for the courses.

It is highly recommended that you bring in your own set of brushes. Please bring : cotton swipes, cotton buds, wet ones and tissues.


FINGERNAILS :  You CANNOT do these class if your finger nails are long | and have embellishments attached. This can carry infection and is not allowed in the training environment.


HAIR :  Your hair must be tied back.


FOOTWEAR : Please wear closed in footwear. This is a Health & Safety requirement. You will be asked to replace your shoes if you wear thongs | slippers | any open toe footwear.


DON’T FORGET : To bring your creative mind and energy to class !







This Fantastic makeup kit is available to anyone that has fully paid for the short courses.

You get $710 worth of makeup for only $350.

if you wish to purchase the kit with the course the price is $250

Please enquire with us | kits will be made available at start of course.




















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