FILM 101




Film 101 is the ideal course for all budding film makers. The course goes from the very basics through to post production and editing. Even though this is a beginners course – the training is critical to the future of your film making abilities. With over 12 years of training and education in Film & TV we have designed a course that we feel  is the solid foundation course that covers a diverse range of skills that make you able to go forward and start creating the next level of film projects.


We are a innovative and hands on training provider. The classes are dynamic, held in our studios, and is a great place to meet new film makers and build a networking group for the future. The Creative Hub, located within the Carrara Markets is an ideal place to learn film making. On the weekends the markets are busy, vibrant and provide the ideal ‘film set’ for great practicing (there are film guidelines that have to be followed ). The Market location is surrounded by parks, waterways and an interesting array of film locations on hand for students to do their daily tasks. There is also plenty of food, cafes, fresh food, etc available for you during your breaks.


Is Film 101 for you ?


  1. Are you confident with your digital camera, film settings & exposure ?
  2. Do you need practice in various light conditions and changing light conditions ?
  3. Do you have experience in location filming and studio filming ?
  4. Understand a creative ‘viewpoint’ into film making – so you can make original and unique films.
  5. Learn Premiere editing software, understand aspects ratios, input requirements, output requirements, basic colour grading, basic sound editing.
  6. Learn a wide range of skills, so that you have the confidence to put together a whole project from start to finish.
  7. Engage in ‘Innovative Thinking’


Even if you have studied film basics before or simply need a refresher course, Film 101 will elevate your skills and practice standards.

You will be Hooked after you do this course !




‘ All new film makers should do this course ! ‘






DATE :   August 2017


DURATION : 4 Weeks




TIME :  9.30am to 2.30pm


PLACE : Creative Hub – Warehouse 1, Carrara Markets. [ at Main Gates ] 


EQUIPMENT : You must have a digital camera capable of video.


PRICE : $400

Limited numbers only

Position are only locked in after full payment.

Full payment must be made before commencement of course. No refunds are given after the course starts.










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